Celtic band performs.
Man playing ball toss game.
Toques with Irish 4 A Cure logo for sale.
Two costumed leprechauns.
Two ladies enjoying the party.
Three men enjoying the party.
Crowd of people enjoying the party.
Two smiling men posing for a photo.
Happy couple at the party.
People enjoying the party.
Woman playing balance ball game.
Couple wearing Irish hats.
Couple smiling for a photo.
Two leprechauns and a tall man.
Fiddler and keyboard musicians performing.
Women playing ball toss game.
Two men smiling.
Lovely lady smiling.
Uncle and niece smile for a photo.
2 men and 1 woman, middle man wearing St. Patrick viking hat with long orange braids.
Neatly folded white t-shirts with a shamrock #Irish 4 a Cure design.
Candid photo of singer Jully Black.
Young couple enjoying the party.
3 women sitting and smiling at the party.
Wide interior view of the party venue crowded with guests.
Close up photo of 2 women smiling.
Photo of entertainer Daytona Bitch standing between a man and woman wearing Irish 4 a Cure t-shirts.
Photo of leprechaun entertainer dancing on the bar.
3 young women smiling for a photo.
3 men, middle man is wearing beer stein shaped sun glasses and a green feather boa on his head.
Close up of 2 smiling men.
Big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.
Handsome man wearing green shirt.
2 women and 1 man who is wearing a huge green necktie.
Man wearing Irish 4 a Cure t-shirt.
2 men wearing green shirts and green beaded necklaces.
2 women smiling, a group of men stand behind chatting.
2 blonde women smiling.
2 men, the tall man on the left is wearing a green shirt.
2 women, the woman on the left wearing a green top and the one on the right wearing a tiny green hat and a green bow tie.
2 men and a woman smiling for the camera.
2 gentlemen seated on a sofa.
3 friends, a man and 2 woman, enjoying the party.
A group of woman dancing. One is wearing a green tophat.
Irish 4 a Cure written on a chalk board.
Close up of a good looking couple who are smiling.